• Technical and Vocational (TEVET)
  • Undergraduate Studies

Under our license named “Sebeta Health Science and Business College” obtained from Oromia TVET (Technical Vocational and Education and Training) Bureau, currently our firm is providing various technical and vocational trainings in the areas of

  • Clinical Nursing,
  • Pharmacy Technology,
  • Laboratory Technology,
  • Accounting and Information and
  • Communication Technology (ICT) that certify trainees with level IV (diploma).

This enables our graduates to play role in the social and economic development of our country.

The college also offered scholarship for several students who were selected by the Woreda youth and women affair office. In addition, the college also provides short term trainings in various fields that satisfy the needs of the trainee.

Currently the collage is on the way to start undergraduate courses from the year 2013 EC (2020/21) on the areas of nursing, midwifery, accounting, management, marketing & ICT

This organized foundation for proper teaching learning environment has also positioned fertile ground to support the other areas of our contribution like education and professional developments skills training through various short course programs.

In general, our company is growing – not only in the number of its employees and co-workers.

We pay great attention to personal and professional development. Our consultants and teachers are not only constantly advancing their education, but primarily are gaining more and more experience with the practical aspects of project management under Ethiopian and international conditions – which is the greatest added value.
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